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We are implementing small student-led groups that will give every student the opportunity to experience community through authentic conversations. Each group will consist of eight to ten underclassmen and at least two upperclassmen leaders. Our hope is that these groups will stay together over the course of two years so that, over time, group members and leaders will build trust and create a safe space for everyone to be real, feel connected, and feel known. Furthermore, our dream is to see Charlotte Latin’s social culture evolve into an environment where open and honest conversation is the norm for students, teachers, and parents. We are very excited to start making this dream come true!


The S4S Soft Launch is a six-week program in which groups of eight to ten freshmen and sophomores will discuss gratitude, mindfulness, and self-compassion. The curriculum was developed with the help of Erin Baldecchi and Ed Williams over the past five months. Current freshmen and sophomores will be able to sign up to be placed in a pod for the soft launch in late February. The pods will be led by two or three current CLS juniors. These pod leaders will all undergo two training sessions designed with the assistance of Ed Williams and Dr. Jason Bird so that they are prepared to lead their pods effectively. 



The Official S4S Launch will be in the Fall of 2021. We expect this launch to mirror the Soft Launch but on a larger scale. We are extending groups to ALL grades in the Upper School (9-12), leaders consist of Junior and Seniors. Stay tuned for updates!

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